Wednesday, March 30, 2022

IOAA 2021


The 14th International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics was held as a hybrid event from November 14 to 21, 2021. Colombia was the host country of the 14th IOAA.

The organizing and academic committees were concentrated in one place for the duration of the Olympiad. A production team was supported the committees to ensure that all online communications run as smoothly as possible. Staff was available 24 hours a day for any inconveniences that may surface.

All teams were concentrated in one place within their country during examinations. Each country had two supervisors available during the exams for a fair and honest competition. Video cameras were installed throughout the classrooms to allow remote surveillance from Bogotá.

The Toronto School of Olympiads organized and equipped the classroom for the rounds with all the necessary equipment. The participation of the Canadian team was taken care of without a single failure and comments from the organizing committee.

The Canadian team consisted of the winners of the International Physics and Astrophysics Olympiad, the Canadian Astronomical Olympiad contest, as follows:

1.     Daniel Yang

2.     Hector Chen

3.     Joey  Zou

4.     Simon Wu

5.     Victor Yonglin Gao

Team leaders and supervisors: Dr. Vera Zagainova,  Konstantin Toubis, Armin Hodaei and Jiang Xiaoran.

Despite some difficulties (such as the start of the Olympiad at 5 am Toronto time), our participants brilliantly coped with the problems in the theoretical, practical, observational rounds and team competition!

Team Canada has again First place in the Team competition!!! And, also a gold (Daniel Yang) and and three bronze medals (Victor Gao, Simon Wu and Joe Zou) in the individual competition!!! We are happy! In 2014, in Romania at the 8th IOAA, we already had the best result in the team competition and now we have repeated this achievement. No team in the history of the IAAA has managed to be first twice in a team competition. We are the only ones !!!

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